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Sustainable construction for today and tomorrow

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Pioneering solar energy

As a pioneer of solar energy, we offer a comprehensive assortment of solar collection systems for water heating and photovoltaic systems for the generation of electricity. We are quick to recognise opportunities and demands on the market, and implement them in innovative, top-quality and aesthetic solutions for a wide circle of customers. 


The company’s head office is in Hedingen. Other production sites are situated in Affoltern am Albis, Möhlin and St. Gallen. Since the spring of 2013 DOMA Solartechnik GmbH [DOMA Solar Technology Co. Ltd.], based in Satteins, Austria, has been a part of Schweizer.

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Sustainability as vision

Our vision is a society characterised by sustainable growth, in which future generations, living in an intact environment, will enjoy the same opportunities as we do. Based on this holistic approach, we are committed to doing the best for our satisfied customers as well as for our satisfied employees. Of course, a prerequisite for this is the establishment of solid economic foundations.

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