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Metal roof solutions with MSP-TT

MSP-TT is for mounting on trapezoidal metal roofs and consists new of no more than 2 components apart from the clamps. Tracks come in 3 pre-cut lengths and it is a simple system suitable for all common types of trapezoidal metal roofs. It can be installed speedily, economically and with total simplicity. No cutting to size on site, drilling work or preparation of the surfaces is needed.

Arguments in favour of MSP-TT


No cutting on site: the rails are supplied in three lengths, and can be adjusted to the size of the roof


Thin sheet screws make additional drilling unnecessary.


Short rails for ease of handling


No length restriction, as thermal extension is automatically accommodated


No trapezoidal metal shoes or individually manufactured parts needed: direct mounting on the metal corrugations


High corrosion protection – no damp gets in, thanks to high-grade aluminium components and and EPDM surround


Would you like to know more about the MSP system?


Product brochure

Download our brochure as a PDF document.

Arguments in favour of MSP-TT

Request for PV mounting systems MSP-TT

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