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  • Ernst Schweizer AG

Ballasting with gravel

As an extension of its MSP flat roof assortment, Ernst Schweizer AG will be presenting at the Intersolar an efficient solution for gravel roofs.

Where gravel is the material of choice, the MSP system with a gravel basin now offers a simple solution, facilitating gravel ballasting without the need of any further supplement. ​

Because the MSP flat roof system is installed on the roof without modules, gravelling is totally easy – saving time and reducing the need for additional ballast. Depending on the situation, you can use one or two basins per module, with a gravel depth of 5 cm and up to 105 kg weight per module.

It needs to be installed on a firm base without need of additional screws, making it a speedy and safe solution in every way. Here again we have taken logistical benefits and ease of storage into account. The gravel basin can be stacked, a single type covers module lengths from 1620 to 1749 mm and it has a very low intrinsic weight of just 2.5 kg.

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