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  • Ernst Schweizer AG

MSP: new clamps and support rack for large modules and loads

At Intersolar 2022 we’re presenting our new clamps and a new support rack – centrally mounted under the module – for our MSP-FR flat roof mounting system. This allows mounting of large module types up to 1332 mm x 2399 mm and safe, long-term installation of systems even in regions with high snow and wind loads – in the mountains or on the coast, for example. The enlarged clamping area also increases the flexibility of the system so that even slim frames are perfectly fixed. Of course, these product enhancements will be integrated in our Solar.Pro.Tool planning software.

We also have tuck-in nonwovens to ensure a secure contact between MSP-FR systems and the roof cladding. Contrary to roll goods, these tuck-in nonwovens are already cut to size for easy, time-saving pre-assembly at the installation company.

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