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So there is a trend for modules to be wider? It’s not a problem!

Our flat roof mounting system for new module formats:

We are expanding our range of East/West and South flat roof systems for module widths up to 1205 mm.

How does this work?

With the help of two new connecting rails, and a variant of our proven support bracket. The new rails:

  • MSP-FR-EW-C: 1076 mm – 1140 mm

  • MSP-FR-EW-C: 1141 mm – 1205 mm

This includes the matching SL8 support with a nominal 8° elevation angle.

As a result, wider modules can be mounted quickly and easily in our testeed and market proven MSP flat-roof mounting systems.

As usual, the design can be carried out quick and easy using our Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer.

Available for our customers end of May 2021.

Information about the planning tool

Go to the Solar.Pro.Tool

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