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Solrif® – because the roof of the future is solar

With the use of blind modules in our Solrif® system, you achieve even more visually appealing overall results with a full-surface roof. In addition, connections to roof edges and obstacles are much easier for the installer to carry out with these blind modules. You can find sources of supply for Solrif® modules and the associated accessories, as well as a new information leaflet on the use of the blind modules, on our Solrif® website (see link below).

You can plan a roof-integrated PV system with Solrif® into your new construction or renovation project from the very beginning. Present conditions are highly favourable for this: The new EEG [Renewable Energy Sources Act] guidelines tend to focus on smaller systems up to 30 kWp, and tenant electricity models and EU directives also contribute to ideal framework conditions for such a project.


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