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The new MSP-TT for metal roofs

We have extended out our popular mounting system for metal roof solutions. After expanding our range from a 370 mm rail to a shorter rail of 270 mm at the end of 2020, we now offer a bead fastening system for landscape-oriented modules.

With our new solution you have a very significant improvement of system costs due to lower material usage and faster installation.

The system consists of just a few components: a profile rail with two screws and washers, plus our universal module end or middle clamps – making it ingeniously simple, quick and cost-effective to install.


  • No cutting to size on site

  • Thin sheet screws make additional drilling unnecessary

  • Easy handling due to short rails

  • No length restriction; thermal expansion is automatically absorbed

  • No trapezoidal sheet metal shoes or individually manufactured parts necessary: modules are attached to sheet metal beads

  • High corrosion protection and no moisture ingress thanks to high-quality aluminium parts and EPDM tape

  • Low transport costs and saving of storage space (compact system with few components)

  • Same clamps as with all other mounting systems from Schweizer

Our MSP-PR-MCG middle clamp ensures continuous equipotential bonding in the module field. Through the secure provision of equipotential bonding, it considerably reduces the effort for the installer.

This function has been tested and confirmed by the VDE [the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies].

Available from mid-May 2021.

Metal roof solutions with MSP-TT

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