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  • Ernst Schweizer AG

With the over 20 years market proven Solrif® system, installation is now made even easier.

Updated: May 13, 2022

Improved mounting gauge

The mounting gauge speeds up the installation of the mounting clamps considerably. With the new gauge, mounting can now be carried out even more easy by just one person, shortening the overall installation time even more.

An eaves profile has been introduced, which replaces the foam gutter sealing strip. The eaves profile offers some important advantages:

  • Plastic has been replaced by aluminium.

  • The profile serves as an to dock on the mounting gauge. As a result, this useful tool can also be used in the lowest row and assembly can be speeded up yet again.

  • The lowest bracket row is supported with the profile and is thus able to cope with very high snow loads without any further measures.

Standardised sheeting for inside corners

With a few additional standardised sheet metal parts, Solrif® systems can now be designed even more easily, e.g. around dormers, with additional parts available from stock for the transition to the tiles. This means that there is no need for any kind of special plumbing solution.

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