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We are building today for the generation of tomorrow.

Three core competencies under one roof: Ernst Schweizer AG, based in Hedingen, Switzerland, stands for solutions that are as sustainable as they are innovative in all matters having to do with the building shell, as well as for smart letterboxes and parcel boxes and mounting systems for solar energy. 

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Pioneering solar energy

Ernst Schweizer AG is a pioneer in solar solutions. Our mounting systems bring forward-looking photovoltaic technology to any kind of building throughout Europe with minimal outlay. In addition to the MSP mounting system for classic photovoltaic systems on flat, pitched or metal roofs, we also have a patented in-roof solution. Our Solrif® in-roof system  is the basis for an aesthetic solar roof that can be flexibly integrated not only into new buildings, but into listed buildings and historic monuments as well. It turns a frameless standard module into a solar roof tile and thus serves as a replacement for classic tile roofing on pitched roofs. We also produce thermal solar collectors that effectively convert solar energy into heat for domestic hot water and heating support.


Centre of excellence

Ernst Schweizer AG is a centre of excellence for sustainable solutions relating to the building shell, smart letterboxes and parcel boxes as well as mounting systems for solar energy. All our products contribute to the energy turnaround. They are manufactured in a socially and ecologically responsible manner at our headquarters in Hedingen near Zurich, Switzerland, and in Möhlin near Basel, Switzerland. The independent family business is managed by Samuel Schweizer, who represents the fourth generation of the family. Across the Group, around 450 employees, including 35 apprentices, are fully committed to the brand values of quality, sustainability and innovation.

Ernst Schweizer GmbH, Satteins – sales and logistics site for MSP

There are essentially two locations for the MSP product family: In addition to Schweizer’s headquarters in Hedingen with the associated production site, we have a sales and logistics centre in Satteins near Feldkirch, Austria.


Here in March 2013 Schweizer took over the then DOMA Solartechnik GmbH, an innovative company founded in 1992 with extensive experience in the field of solar collector and photovoltaic systems.


Since the summer of 2021, Ernst Schweizer AG has been strengthening its solar activities at the Satteins site and repositioning itself. The DOMA Solartechnik division, associated with the innovative modular photovoltaic mounting systems (substructures) of the MSP product family, will remain with Schweizer. Under the new name Ernst Schweizer GmbH, the subsidiary company is an important component as a sales and logistics centre. It distributes the PV mounting systems of the MSP product family, which are successfully used throughout Europe. DOMA’s division that implements photovoltaic systems will be transferred to DOMA vkw Energietechnik GmbH (see below).

Schweizer continues to invest systematically in the expansion of logistics at this location. This will allow the company to benefit from the high demand for photovoltaic mounting systems, further strengthen the international distribution of MSP and establish the Schweizer brand more firmly throughout Europe and especially in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Ernst Schweizer GmbH is headed by Ernst Bertsch, the long-standing managing director and founder of DOMA Solartechnik, and Gunnar Johansson, head of the Solar Systems division at the company’s head office in Hedingen. The Satteins site currently employs 21 people. The company’s own building produces all the energy required to supply the production department and offices from renewable energy, and was awarded the European Solar Prize for the most ecologically innovative company building in 1999. The commitment to sustainability and quality is as self-evident for Ernst Schweizer GmbH as it is for the parent company.


The affiliated company DOMA vkw Energietechnik GmbH, Satteins, is a reliable partner in the Vorarlberg region for the implementation of photovoltaic systems. Its services range from professional advice, detailed implementation plans and profitability calculations to turnkey implementation including subsidy applications.


Our locations

Ernst Schweizer AG
Bahnhofplatz 11
8908 Hedingen

+41 44 763 61 11

Ernst Schweizer GmbH
Sonnenstrasse 1
6822 Satteins
Vorarlberg, AUSTRIA

+43 5524 89688

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